ONGOING monthly
Workshop facilitated by Elaine Wynne for those who wish to develop skills by deepening their stories
of personal development or spirituality.
$20.00 per session.  Register by calling Elaine Wynne at 763-546-1662 or elaine@keyofsee.mn

with Grandparent Storytellers -- Larry Johnson and Elaine Wynne
Larry and Elaine, KEY OF SEE STORYTELLERS, began telling stories to their own children in the 60s, and now
tell to their 13 grandchildren.  They have also performed and taught storytelling in communities throughout the U.S.
and in South America, Asia, Europe, and Scandinavia. Larry is an educator who ran camps for special needs youth, began the "teller friendly" patient TV channel at Mpls. Children's Hospital, and taught storytelling/video/environment for many years in the Mpls schools.  Elaine managed a community health clinic, and has helped many non-profits and community organizations better "tell their story".  She is a psychologist who has taught many to use stories as healers and to positively help people change the ways they tell their own story.  Together they originated the Metro State University course, STORYTELLING AS A MODERN COMMUNICATION ART.  They've also won grand prize in the Tokyo Video Festival for helping children exchange stories internationally via video, and they have done several storytelling radio/TV series.  They've been focused on Cousin Camp for several years.
In this experience, participants will find ways to deepen relationships with grandchildren, and build a lasting legacy, even
if grandchildren are scattered geographically.  We will --
   1.  Experience the story and demo of how and why Larry and Elaine started and keep Cousin Camp going with
        their own grandchildren.
   2.  Practice some techniques and reasons for telling, listening to, and preserving some of the stories unique to
        your family.
   3.  Uncover the most significant activities (living in the story) grandparents wish to make sure to share with
   4.  Make a preliminary plan for holding your own Cousin Camp for a weekend, week, or longer, and keeping 
        the connection going even when you're no longer together


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